Lions Mane Tincture

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  • 30ml Lions Mane Tincture
  • Dual extract
  • 30% alcohol extraction
  • 70% hot-water extraction
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Lions mane is one of the most fascinating mushrooms with potential for brain health and prevention of age related cognitive decline.

Cotswold Mushroom Lions mane tincture has been created using slow alcohol and hot-water extraction methods to provide a convenient high quality and potent product containing active medicinal compounds.

This 30ml Lions Mane Tincture contains a dual-exact combination of 30% alcohol extraction and 70% hot-water extraction.


7 reviews for Lions Mane Tincture

  1. James Bunting (verified owner)

    A great sleep aid, taken 30 minutes before bed, it really helps me to drift off in to a deep sleep.

  2. Pamela K. (verified owner)

    Such an amazing product. Such high quality. The amount of active ingredients is so impressive. Does everything that it claims to do.

  3. Sharon (verified owner)

    Wonderful product and great as a tincture if you have trouble taking capsules.

  4. Faisal B. (verified owner)

    Easy to take, mild flavour when relatively concentrated in water, and doing all the good stuff when ingested. It lasts a good while and is easier to add to drinks than powder. Excellent product.

  5. Faisal B. (verified owner)

  6. richard caink (verified owner)

    Good stuff, easier than powders to take and from the UK so more traceable

  7. henry (verified owner)

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