Reishi Tincture

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  • 30ml Reishi Tincture
  • G. curtisii fruiting body & G. lucidum mycelium
  • Dual extract
  • 30% alcohol extraction
  • 70% hot-water extraction


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The Ganoderma species (Reishi) have been extensively researched including numerous human clinical trials.

Containing an exceptionally high polysaccharide and terpenoid content Reishi is a highly regarded medicinal mushroom.

Cotswold Mushroom Reishi tincture has been created using Soxhlet extraction method for both alcohol and hot-water to provide a convenient high quality and potent product containing active medicinal compounds.

This 30ml Reishi tincture contains a dual-exact combination of 30% alcohol extraction and 70% hot-water extraction from two Reishi sources; G. curtisii (fruiting body) and G. lucidum (mycelium).


2 reviews for Reishi Tincture

  1. richard caink (verified owner)

    Good stuff!

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