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Medicinal Mushrooms

How Medicinal & Psychedelic Mushrooms Can Protect Body & Mind

Based on current scientific data and understanding this book describes how medicinal mushrooms interact within the body to help protect human health and well-being.

Chapters explain the fundamental mechanisms by which medicinal mushrooms help:

  1. Boost the immune system

  2. Protect against cancer

  3. Reduce inflammation

  4. Reduce toxicity as antioxidants

  5. Protect brain health & function

  6. Improve mood

  7. Treat depression

Number of pages: 159


“This inspirational and well researched book explains in simple terms how medicinal mushrooms could help manage many of today’s diseases. A fantastic and really important health read”

Pamela Kingston. Naturopath & Phlebotomist

“This book brings together the latest body of research on the medicinal benefits of fungi incredibly well. Written in a way that won’t require any prerequisite knowledge of mycology, this is a great addition to any fungal library”

Chris Dowdeswell, owner of Stoic Mushrooms & Shroom Supplies Uk

“A great resource for anyone interested in mushrooms and their potential to protect and support physical and mental health”

Tom Baxter, owner of The Bristol Fungarium

2 reviews for Medicinal Mushroom Book

  1. Emma R. (verified owner)

    Well written and informative – a very worthwhile read and highly recommended.

  2. Susi Batstone (verified owner)

    Added to my mycology bookshelf.

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